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All About ARTGER

ARTGER is all about Food, Travel, Culture and People. We produce a variety of documentaries on these subjects, including unique food recipes, ethnic & modern culture, one-of-a-kind travel, and real stories on real people.
Thanks for stopping by ARTGER. We are dedicated to bringing you along on an awesome journey!


Javkha Ara

CEO / Creative Director

ARTGER was founded in 2015. Javkhaa Ara is a Founder and CEO of ARTGER MEDIA GROUP LLC.

20+ years of experience in Media and Filming Industry.

2020 Telly awards winner. 

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Baysaa (Chef Khan)

Chef / Sound Engineer

Food enthusiast. One of our Lead Chefs.

10+ years of experience in international kitchens.

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Nargie (Homeboy from the khuduu)

Foodie / Presenter

English Professor. 20+ years of experience in Language Studies and 5+ years of experience in Mongolian Cuisine.

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Boldoo (The Chef Rider)

Master Chef

A Master Chef.

10+ years of experience in the Kitchen.

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