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Adventure Vehicle

Western Mongolia

The Eagle Festival is featured in the 2016 documentary The Eagle Huntress, in which the 13-year-old Kazakh girl Aisholpan becomes the first female to enter and win the competition.



Starting from: $1 000




Available from June to October.

You will get an unforgettable experience

The Highest Peak

Altai Tavan Bogd is a national park in the furthest western part of Mongolia. The park includes the Mongolian side of the Tavan Bogd massif, which is divided by the triple border with Russia and China in the Altai Mountains. The cliff is 30 meters high and 100 meters wide. Over thousands of years the wind has created this amazing structure. It is sheer slope and was an old seabed with sedimentary structure created by millions years and the different colors of the ground represent different times.


The only experience to travel back in time

What is included

  • Accommodation in the best hotels and camps;

  • Transfer from and to the airport on the first and the last days of the trip;

  • three meals daily according to the itinerary;

  • transfers to the places according to the itinerary;

  • Dinner with ARTGER;

  • Tickets to the National Parks

  • Group insurance;

  • Professional photos and videos;

  • Branded ARTGER merch.

What is not included

  • International flight fares;

  • Activities beyond the itinerary;

  • Alcoholic beverages and souvenirs.

Glimpse of Western Mongolia

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Western Mongolia

Fly with the eagle.


Lake Khuvsgul

The biggest fresh water lake is surrounded by reindeer herders.


All at  Once

From the Taiga to the Gobi, you can enjoy and experience the different way of Nomad living.

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